FreeMe Kids Bush Camp 8-9 July 2023

Children’s bush camp Fountainhill Estate day one :
Our kids  bush camp is always such a
Highlight for us, as we get to spend it with a group of awesome young people who love been out in nature 🦅🐛🦋🦉🦂🕷️
Our first day was filled with different activities
And the kids are always so eager to participate and are always ready to learn new things about their surroundings 🕸️🪲🪳🪵🌴🍁🍄
They get stuck in with helping us with the washing of dishes 🍚🍴along with making the fires 🔥 for our shower, fires to cook and the cooking 🧑‍🍳 too 👏
Nature hikes , biodiversity hunt 🍄🪳🪵🦂🦋🐛 some games , a night walk and conversations about nature were part of our first days activities.
We love what we do and how we do it