Wartburg Kirchdorf School Pre-primary visit

Today, our pre-primary learners went on a very exciting adventure to Fountain Hill Estate located just outside Wartburg. Equipped with sunscreen, hats, and plenty to drink, they headed out on a game drive around the property. ☀️
Along the way, they were able to stop and take a walk to a nearby dam. The learners saw so many animals: giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, ostriches, and even a crocodile! 🦒 🐂🦓🐊After the game drive, they were given an animal sightings list, which they could tick off all the things they spotted. ✅
After the drive and walk, our little ones were exhausted, and they came together to enjoy a yummy picnic. 🧺The learners were given a jar in which they were allowed to collect tiny things such as leaves and flowers to take home with them. 🌼🍃While walking around gathering their items, they were surprised to see the giraffes coming towards their picnic area. Thank you to our teachers who entertained and kept the pre-primary learners safe and happy. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Fountainhill Estate for allowing us to have this amazing outing😃