Conservation & Agriculture


Almost 1600ha of the property have been set aside for conservation and catchment management purposes. These conservation areas are interwoven with the commercially exploited land areas and provide habitat to a vast array of species, each inter-dependant on the other. The conservation area houses game that is carefully managed to maintain the integrity of the habitat for all species and to ensure optimal rangeland condition. Game does contribute to farm income when numbers need to be brought into balance but is essentially a management tool contributing to the eco-tourism, environmental education and research objectives of Fountainhill Estate (Pty) Ltd and Taeuber Management Trust (Pty) Ltd.

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Commercial Agriculture

Fountainhill Estate endorses the ethos of “Farming in Harmony with Nature” and manages commercial agricultural activities alongside conservation practices within a Biodiversity Stewardship Protected Area.

Fountainhill Estate ethically produces between 25 and 30,000t of sugarcane annually, on approximately 660ha of conserved land; and local and export avocados on 70ha of irrigated land. Best management practices are adhered to and the commercial activities are audited and comply with the requirements of GlobalGAP, SIZA and SUSFarms standards.