The Board - Vision, Objective & Purpose

Vision, Objective & Purpose

The Taeuber trust in support of the Taeuber Management Trust will continue to implement the wishes of the Founder Mr KFE Taeuber to the extent of its resource capacity.

It must ensure that it maintains development in a balanced fashion in terms of source exploitation, technological change and agricultural transformation, but in harmony with current and future environmental potential.

It should develop a unique ecological model that aims to enhance the environment for all living things through applying biological best practice methods.

The development of Fountainhill Estate must be in a balanced fashion such that the biodiverse environment within which it operates is continuously improved.

It must strive to ensure that it does not exceed the capacity of the supporting ecosystem and the biological system must remain diverse, holistically productive and naturally prosperous.

In support of the broad approach the Estate will encourage focused research into the municipality of ancillary micro characteristics that play a part in the well-being of the ecosystem and to better understand the importance of each aspect to more greatly appreciate the meaning of sustainability.

The Taeuber Management Trust strives to facilitate by encouraging like-minded institutions and individuals to develop science based strategies to augment the process.

The entire enterprise must operate profitably and under the circumstances will lend support to initiatives that will make a positive difference to the wellbeing of our natural heritage.

The TMT, in support of its policy, may give further assistance to focused research in matters concerning the sciences of agriculture, veterinary, biology, medicine and conservation.

The objective being to ensure that biological systems remain diverse and productive over time.

Fountainhill Estate Board Members

Chairman:             Dr. Roy Mottram – Agricultural Consultant; Mottram & Associates

                                    Mr. Konrad Taeuber – Descendant of Mr. Ernst Taeuber

                                    Professor Albert Modi – Dean School of Agriculture & Rural Development, UKZN

                                    Dr. Richard Kinvig – Environmental Scientist; Kinvig & Associates

                                    Mr. Adrian Lavagna – Chief Financial Officer – Taeuber & Corssen

Taeuber Management Trust Board Members

Chairman:              Mr. Konrad Taeuber – Descendant of Mr. Ernst Taeuber

                                    Mrs. Karin Welton – Descendant of Mr. Ernst Taeuber

                                      Mr. Adrian Lavagna – Chief Financial Officer – Taeuber & Corssen

                                      Mr. Edwin Gevers – MSc.Agric (Hort); General Manager: Fountainhill Estate