Fountainhill engages with numerous tertiary institutions and has since 2015 supported numerous post-graduate research projects into agriculture and the life sciences on the property. By providing the property as a facility for research our knowledge base is continually upgraded and the objective of the Taeuber Management Trust Board is upheld.

The research work is presented at annual Research Symposia held on the property, during October.

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Environmental Awareness

In endeavouring to foster greater awareness of the environment, its conservation, preservation and benefits to mankind, we encourage use of the property for nature trails, by groups led by conservation and nature specialists.

These activities are privately run and simply make use of the facilities and resources Fountainhill has on offer. They cover the fields of ornithology, raptor identification, indigenous flora, lepidoptery, fly-fishing and general biodiversity and communing with nature.

Environmental Education & Training

Fountainhill values the constitutional protection of the environment highly. As such we feel a moral obligation to promote and expose scholars, from a variety of backgrounds, to the environment, its benefits and the inherent risks of not conserving it adequately.

To this end we have engaged in partnerships with various bodies to facilitate this objective. Scholars are exposed to short trails in the conservation area, then sent home to establish environmental projects. The best and most enthusiastic youngsters are invited back for a more in-depth exposure to nature. Again the best candidates are selected and nominated for more formalised environmental and conservation training, with partner organisations, such as WESSA, in order to develop environmental champions who will become future custodians of our precious resources.